give love.

           teach love.

                       be love.

Maddie charges $125 for a 45 minute Play Therapy sessions. Please contact her for more information. 

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not."

                                                          -Dr. Seuss

Play Therapy

Play therapy is to children as talk therapy is to adults. Play is the language of children. It is the most effective and developmentally appropriate form of communication that children use to express themselves. The play room creates a unique environment where children learn how to make sense of their world. They process their feelings and experiences through play. They learn how to regulate the full spectrum of emotions (enjoyable to uncomfortable) and establish helpful coping skills. They gain understanding of themselves and how their behavior effects others.  Through the therapeutic relationship, children gain self-esteem by learning to accept themselves unconditionally. With this improved sense of self, children then have the courage needed to explore the world around them and follow their dreams. 

Play therapy would enhance the life of a well adjusted child, however that is not why most parents bring their children to play therapy. Play therapy can help children struggling with:

academic difficulties





avoidance of responsibility

bed wetting



eating issues

grief and loss

low frustration tolerance


mood changes or mood swings

fears or phobias

regressive behavior

sexualized behavior

social issues (anxiety, withdrawal, lack of awareness of social cues, lack of connectedness, etc.)

transitional times (new school, new siblings, sick parent etc.)

sleeping issues